The lake seen from Best Kept Secret festival terrain

3 best moments at Best Kept Secret 2016

1) Best Revelation at Best Kept Secret

Half Moon Run

Best Kept Secret is such a good festival you don’t need to check the program in advance to see who’s playing. You can trust it’s going to be good. Main slots were sure bets, so even if I did not remember the name of Half Moon Run, I recognised one tune and was transported by it. You know you bump into a good song when you hear it live. That’s how you will always remember it. It’s an uplifting tune, sang by a young melodic voice full of energy, enthusiasm and life. I thought my god the guy is really young. Am I listening to Jeff Buckley or what? Anyway, check it for yourself clicking the link below. It kind of gives you a good overview of what I saw:

The Canadian indie rockers also performed for a radio 3FM session live from the festival, so you can get a closer look and catch a glimpse of his pure voice. The background with the lake provides a very chilled scenery.

2) Best quotes at Best Kept Secret

We’ve got some miserable weather, for some miserable music, but it’s gonna be ok

And so this is how Editors start their rainy set, putting their feet on the ground. It was indeed a great quote to start the best gig I experienced at Best Kept Secret.

A really great moment came when they performed a new song, and again Tom Smith dropped another memorable quote.

I fucked it up, it’s a new song and I fucked it up, I am sorry, we have two choices, I can try again.., ok that’s fine uuhh.

One of their last songs was Pavillion and listening to it live on a Saturday night was so energising than rain suddenly became beautiful and soul nourishing, I threw my hood back and tasted it. Fireworks wrapped it all up.

Ok Best Kept Secret –  on a Saturday night standing in the fucking rain! Are you there?

3) Best pro EU moments at Best Kept Secret

Frenchman Jean-Benoît Dunckel of Air sporting a classy white sweater with the European flag. British band VANT asking their compatriots to vote for remaining in the EU. Well, we now know how it ended. A bit of politics in music, especially at festivals, does not feel out of place, it adds a message and purpose, like the various fundraising initiatives for development in Africa or refugee help. Wristbands had a wireless chip that could be charged with euros to pay for food and drinks and leftover money could be automatically donated.

Air live at Best Kept Secret. Photo: 3FM/Ben Houdijk
Air live at Best Kept Secret. Photo: 3FM/Ben Houdijk

Other bands that played at the festival: Beck, Wilco, Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party, Diiv, Blossoms, Air, Jamie XX, Woodie Smalls, and a lot more. Next edition is on 16-17-18 June 2017. Check for more information.

Wilco live at Best Kept Secret 2016 Photo: Chris Stessens
Wilco live at Best Kept Secret 2016.  Photo: Chris Stessens

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