Dessert: Carrot cake

Dessert: Carrot cake

De Kas: eating local & sustainable in the centre of Amsterdam

The 10 unusual dining experiences in Amsterdam according to Iamsterdam. It ranks De Kas first. Marketing propaganda or authentic adventure ? Anyway, no time to wonder, a table for 5 has been booked.

Located in Frankendael Park in the South of Amsterdam, where peacefulness prevails, the restaurant is housed under the 8-meter high ceiling of a greenhouse. Walking a few meters from the dining room, one can visit an indoor fruit & vegetable nursery. You have most probably guessed that only these own produced ingredients are used to create fine dishes – plus ingredients from local suppliers. This way, a real relationship of mutual trust is built with the customers who are increasingly seeking for transparency.

To fit the same purpose, the kitchen is open on the dining room. Yet, not a sound from the brigade and their cooking pans could entail the cosy atmosphere created by the modern furniture and such natural brightness. The daily designed menus are also based on the seasonal product harvests from a bigger field located in the Beemster area some 10 kilometres from Amsterdam.

Outside, one can stroll in the herb and flower garden where the finest products are harvested. We had a wonderful time trying to discover what we had been served earlier. This ideal setting can be used for hosting a garden party on a special occasion.

The concept is not innovative in itself, it is undeniably the way a restaurant should function .

What is innovative is the resulting fancy cuisine and how successful it has become over the years, especially in present time and in Amsterdam – a city in the heart of Europe buzzing with patat-lover tourists.


Main course: sole with hollandaise sauce
Main course: sole with hollandaise sauce

The founder and owner of de Kas, Gert Jan Hageman, has done much more than reviving authenticity & sustainability in the catering sector, he has also saved a piece of Dutch built heritage – an abandoned building dating back to 1926 and which was to be demolished. The former Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery could not have found a better new tenant!

De Kas:
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam
Tel: +31204624562

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