Lost In The Weekend by Cesare Cremonini

Cesare Cremonini is an Italian pop singer catapulted to fame with his Lùnapop band in 1999 with a song called 50 Special, an ode to the Vespa that was lighthearted and uplifting.

I was in Italy for my younger sister’s graduation and after all the celebrations with family and friends she went to see Cremonini’s live show in Turin. So I became curious and listened to his new song and again I found the same carefree touch, with the added touch of dancey beats.

So I put aside my music snobism, fueled by years of reading the NME and Uncut and get a ride on the back of the Vespa of my dreams, something that only a pop song in your mother language can do.

The official video above translates quite well the feeling of the song. In the video below he appears on Italian National TV show Che tempo che fa and if you watch it you can put a face to the brilliant keyboard riff at minute 1’55”:

You can also listen to his latest live album ‘Più Che Logico’ on Spotify: