Orange squeeze: press play for Dutch band AVI ON FIRE

Dutch band AVI ON FIRE presented their EP at Zwarte Ruiter in The Hague on 4 March and they are currently on a mini tour in The Netherlands. Lead singer Bram Wesdorp features on the cover of WIN holding half an orange and sporting a Fred Perry polo shirt and a pink headband.

Cover of WIN, by AVI ON FIRE

I am not so sure about the colour association but don’t let that put you off. I compiled a short playlist so that you can listen for yourself. I am particularly fond of So Far Away from Me, a catchy tune with a sticky chorus they normally play right at the end of their gigs. Zwarte Ruiter was pack full and the sound was spot on.

6 Songs from AVI ON FIRE

They don’t have a lot of songs yet so they also played a cover of My Favourite Game by The Cardigans from the 1998 album Gran Turismo. . Right before the end of the concert they presented a new song that is not on the EP, that I recorded on video and posted on YouTube, but I did not catch the name.

They have upcoming concerts in Haarlem (24 March), Utrecht (25 March), Amsterdam (7 April), Rotterdam (9 April) and they will play again in The Hague again for the Liberation Festival on 5 May.

Their diet of good orange squeeze makes them the vitaminic band to listen to beat the flu.

AVI ON FIRE live dates

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