The Circle Movie

The Circle Movie

Promising movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ best-seller The Circle

The first trailer of The Circle, movie adaptation from Dave Eggers‘ best-seller novel, has been released last December. This book was the topic of my second article posted on Culturaal around a year ago. I did not know back then that the story would be adapted for the big screen. Transforming a most famous piece of literature into a movie raises in readers two different feelings: excitement to finally put faces on characters, but also apprehension that the storyline is inaccurate.

Since the first details about the movie became public, I have been positively surprised. The choice of the prominent actors has been smart. Emma Watson, famous actress committed to the feminist movement and sustainable development, perfectly embodies the sweet and easily influenced Mae Holland to whom a whole generation can identify. Tom Hanks is acting flawlessly as Eamon Bailey, head of The Circle.

“What are you the most scared of?”
“Unfulfilled potential”

The trailer is promising: all most important elements of the book seem to be included, which keeps my expectations high for a story in line with the original book. The Circle’s campus and working atmosphere is recreated with multiples computer screens on each desk, the SeeChange camera, and the famous company lecture from Eamon Bailey. One can immediately relate these aspects to big multinationals such as Google and Apple’s keynote.

“How would you describe The Circle to your grandmother?”
“It’s the chaos of the web made elegant”

With tension at its highest throughout the trailer, will the movie leave the same imprint on people’s attitude towards the trend of intentional lack of privacy? Will this “mirror effect” with the main character and witnessing of her descent into hell raise awareness of the crucial societal & Human Rights issues addressed?

The movie The Circle will be released in theaters on 28 April 2017. If you are just really looking forward like us, you can find out more details in my previous article here and join The Circle community here.

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