This clever charger will save your battery life

A charger with a timer

When it comes to charging your smartphone there are different schools of thought.

Some people like to charge it overnight so that they never have an empty battery. A best practice would be to wait until you have less than 50% before you do that, but if you are a heavy user that may well be the case everyday.

However, keeping your phone plugged all night long whilst you sleep is not good for the environment or your battery’s phone and your electricity bill. What you can do though, if you belong to the group of overnight pluggers, is to buy a clever charger with a timer. It can be set to turn off after the time it normally takes to charge your phone. Phones really do not take that long to charge; two hours can be enough, depending on the phone. The timer will automatically stop after the time span you choose and then it will switch off. When you unplug your phone in the morning, it will be fully charged and not be overheated because it had been charging for 8 hours.

In the Netherlands they are currently selling this amazing piece of technology at Action for € 8.95. You can see it here in all its Made in China splendor.

If you own an iphone, you are not supposed to use any non-official cables and wires that cost less than € 50 and that are not sold by Apple directly, but until they come up with this piece of equipment, you have a good excuse. If Apple and hardware companies are reading this, it would be great if they could put on the market clever chargers for laptops with timers.

Go on, you know we are lazy. Imagine the electricity we will be saving from overcharging our laptops at home or at the office.

New iPhones use the Lithium-ion batteries. You can read more about how they work here.  You can also read about the general recommendations on battery usage here. This can be applied to other devices as well.

Let’s say you charge your phone every day and you sleep for 8 hours. That’s a whopping 2.920 hours of sucking electricity. By using a charger with a timer you can reduce that to at least 50%.

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