Throwback to the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) Ceremony

Every year since 2008, the EBBA Awards are given to the best European emerging artists for successfully reaching out to a large European audience outside their own country. Among them are now eminent artists such as Adele (2009), Jain (2017), Milky Chance (2015), Selah Sue (2012), Stromae (2011), Swedish House Mafia (2012), only to mention a few. Needless to say, this Award provides a true glimpse into the future European music trends.

The Awards scheme is organised by Eurosonic Noorderslag and receives the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. The Awards Ceremony takes place every year in Groningen, The Netherlands. It coincides with the opening eve of the Eurosonic Noorderslag, a major European event in the music industry. On this occasion, a large-scale music trade fair takes place during the day and a festival featuring some 300 new artists from across Europe during the night. For 4 days, every single venue in Groningen is dedicated to music and inspires thousands of passionates. Combining both events strongly contribute, through music, to promoting  the diversity of European culture, its languages and values, as a bond that unites us.

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The EBBA Awards Ceremony took place this year on 17th January at Martiniplaza in the outskirt of Groningen and featured live performances from the winners. The show, hosted by artist and BBC presenter Jools Holland, was live streamed and broadcast in several European countries. At the end of the Ceremony, Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria was announced as the winner of the Public Choice Award following an online poll. At the age of only 17, this talented singer represented Bulgaria at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest and finished in second place.

The winners are selected on the basis of data collected to establish the EBBA Charts, which ranks daily the best new EPs by European artists according to their TV, radio and live performances. It is thus a great source of inspiration for renewing out-to-date playlists. In the weeks prior to the Ceremony, a vlogger traveled to the winners’ countries to surprise them with the Awards in their everyday environment. Targeted at younger people, these short & creative videos are a good way for followers to already get familiar with the artists.

This year’s 10 winners are:

Alice Merton (Germany)

Alma (Finland)

Blanche (Belgium)

Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria)

Off Bloom (Denmark)

Salvador Sobral (Portugal)

Sigrid (Norway)

Skott (Sweden)

The Blaze (France)

Youngr (UK)

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