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DLC Radio 6 November 2020. Beppe & Robin

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The Dutch Language Café is a place in The Hague where you can go and practise your Dutch with natives and non-natives speakers.

When the prime minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte announced the latest string of measures against COVID-19 at a press conference on 3 November 2020, there was no other choice than closing the Dutch Language Café.

All bars, restaurants and cafés had already been closed on 14 October but the additional measures meant that all museums, cinemas, theatres, libraries, and social places such as the DLC Café had to be closed for two weeks.

Hence the idea of having a radio show during the lockdown came up. A way to reach the members of DLC and spend an hour bonded by our voices and our selection of music.
Members night on Fridays was suddenly gone, and DLC Radio filled the void and kicked the weekend with an upbeat mood.

You can play the past episodes by clicking on the play button on the players below. The shows are in Dutch.

#14 Dutch Café Radio – Saturday 10 April 2021 – The 90’s Show


#13 Dutch Café Radio – Saturday 27 March 2021 – The 80’s Show


#12 DLC Radio – Saturday 13 March 2021 – The 70’s Show

#10 DLC Radio – Saturday 13 February 2021 – The Birthday Show

#9 DLC Radio – Saturday 23 January 2021 – The Breakfast Show

#8 DLC Radio – Saturday 16 January 2021 – The Concert Show

Rollercoaster – Mario and Inge

Oh, Oh, Den Haag – Mario and Inge (+Beppe)

#7 DLC Radio – Saturday 9 January 2021 – The Dance Show

#6 DLC Radio – Saturday 19 December 2020

#5 DLC Radio – Saturday 12 December 2020

#4 DLC Radio – Saturday 28 November 2020

Uitspraak Challenge

#3 DLC Radio – Friday 20 November 2020

Live Marjolein Mutsaerts sings Het Dorp by Wim Sonneveld

Activities of the week

#2 DLC Radio – Friday 13 November 2020

#1 DLC Radio – Friday 6 November 2020

Listen to all songs played via the DLC Radio Playlist on Spotify.

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