Ai Weiwei this autumn at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

The Royal Academy of Arts in London is hosting the biggest exhibition of the Chinese dissident artist from 19.9.15 until 13.12.15.

It is actually the first time that the Chinese government is allowing Ai Weiwei to travel to London and therefore gave him back his passport.

Some time ago the British government was in a media storm for not releasing the visa due to the pending charges he had not declared in his application form. He has not been accused therefore he did not have to mention them.

They later gave him the visa and today the UK’s finance minister was in China to announce plans to merge the financial markets of London and Shangai, so that stocks can float between the two stock exchanges.

So even if I have already seen an interesting exhibition in 2012 in Tilburg, I would still be curious to see what this is all about.