A view of Cologne

Cologne view. Culturaal/Beppe Simone CC BY-SA

Cologne, Germany: Woyton Café

If you are in Cologne and want a good cup of coffee Woyton Café is the place to be. Friendly barista can prepare great cappuccino, nicely presented with a heart shaped drawing on the foam. Topping it off with chocolate is no option there: “That’s for beginners”, they would jokingly tell you, and rightly so.

Photo: Premshree Pillai CC BY-SA
Photo: Premshree Pillai CC BY-SA

They also serve panini and healthy salads and the setting is a mix of comfy seats and high chairs with dark wooden tables. The atmosphere is relaxed and the mixed clientele tends to stick around for a bit, considering that you also get free WIFI. It is actually a small chain but still manages to have character and according to their website they only buy organically grown coffee and producers in Africa get a fairer deal.

Woyton an der Schildergasse
Antonsgasse 7
Köln 50667
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