The Square

I had never watched before and probably will never watch again a similar film as the Square. It has been an absorbing experience, I would even dear to call it a lighter and comical Swedish version of a Haneke film, just to compare it with something we all may know. This film makes you laugh … Continue reading The Square

Discovering Japan

I am waiting, like in a limbo. I am waiting to go to Japan and discover it for myself, but I have been busy understanding Japan from friends’ accounts, Netflix series, YouTube videos, a Lonely Planet and a bit of imagination. Food is universal so I started there. Midnight’s Diner: Tokyo Stories is a Japanese … Continue reading Discovering Japan


I have recently realised, me who hardly ever watch any series, that I’m totally hooked to Girls, the series created by Lena Dunham. I know, it was first released in 2012, so I’m a bit late, as with so many things in my life. Girls is a comedy about a group of girls in their … Continue reading Girls

Promising movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ best-seller The Circle

The first trailer of The Circle, movie adaptation from Dave Eggers‘ best-seller novel, has been released last December. This book was the topic of my second article posted on Culturaal around a year ago. I did not know back then that the story would be adapted for the big screen. Transforming a most famous piece of … Continue reading Promising movie adaptation of Dave Eggers’ best-seller The Circle