Best reward for a long trip? Chang beer at the beach

One must taste the local beer. For me Chang beer is the best one, it kind of makes it difficult to try the other ones, which I will. So this definitely marks the beginning of the holiday, sitting on dark wood chairs meters away from the green waters with white sand under my feet and a spectacular lush view.

The trip was long. I was afraid to miss on another night of sleep when I boarded the train in Bangkok. The young employee of Thai railways smiled at my worried look that there were no beds or that I would be too tall for them. Some time later they came to build the beds and yes, they had to wake me up in Surat Thani. So you can’t imagine the relief once I was sitting enjoying my first beer.

I’m posting pictures in almost real time on Instagram. I just love their filters, square formats and hashtags. Here is one of them.

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